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About Sherry:

Sherry has always had a great love and admiration for all animals. She believes the animals that choose to be with us on our journey through life can often times bring great comfort, joy and enlightenment when we connect with them on both the physical and spiritual level. It is through this connection we can become closer to the true spirit and oneness of life.

In 2002, Sherry’s life changed forever when a little dog named Alley Ann (she was found in an alley hence the name Alley Ann) came into her life. Sherry's neighbor, Deb, rescued animals she found on the back streets of Baltimore, nursed them back to health, then adopted them out.  When Deb passed away suddenly, she left behind 6 dogs, 4 birds and two cats in need of homes. Alley Ann was one of those animals. When Sherry took Alley Ann in, she had many medical issues and for the next year and a half she spent caretaking this loving spiritual being. It was through Alley Ann’s life and ultimate passing that the heart connection between the two of them strengthened Sherry’s realization that she had to move on.

The deep spiritual bond Sherry experienced with Alley Ann brought to the surface her divine connection to the spiritual essence of animals and opened the door for her to fulfill her life’s mission.  She began her interspecies studies with animal communicator Dawn Hayman of Spring Farm Cares in 2003. For Sherry, it was like coming home again to a place she had drifted from by working in the business world.

Sherry became certified in canine massage through Equissage, located in Virginia. She has also taken and applies different energy healing modalities such as Healing Touch for the Animals for canines and equines with Carol Komiter, Ama Deus Energy Healing and Reiki in her practice.

After 20 years in the direct mail marketing industry, Sherry decided to leave it and finally pursue her life long dream of working with animals and their people. It was her way of honoring Alley Ann and all that she had given Sherry.

By creating Spirit Paws Alternative Animal Wellness Services, Sherry’s goal is to help people understand, appreciate and deepen the human-animal heart connection. It is through animal massage, animal communication and connecting with the spiritual side of animals that we are able to have a very deep and heart felt relationship with our animal companions. Sherry also has a strong spiritual foundation based in the knowledge that all life is created by one source and that all life is sacred and is to be respected.

Her love and passion for this work has created a deeper level of compassion and respect for our animal friends and for their people. Sherry graduated from SUNY at Oswego in New York and holds a Bachelors degree in communications. She shares her home with her two dogs, Addison and Maggie in the Baltimore, MD area.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”
~Josh Billings
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Spirit Paws:  alternative animal wellness services
Sherry B. True

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